Digital Clock

The stereo alarm clock with Iphone docking station facility also has snooze and sleep functions. It has dual alarms with optional blue tooth connectivity and optional  anti -theft security cable.

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Digital Clock Mambo               MAMBO CLOCK--PIC

Colour: Black

• Stereo alarm clock
• With Iphone docking station with charging function
• FM Radio with 10 station storage
• Snooze and sleep functions
• Backlit LCD and menu functions. Dual alarms
• Run on AC. Additional battery for clock backup
• 3.5mm stereo line-in cable (included) for playing
• other audio devices, includes MP3 and Ipod shuffle
• Auto cut-over when unplugged or during power failure
• Charges Iphone 5 and other smart devices via the availability of 2 USB ports
• Optional blue tooth connectivity
• Optional anti-theft security cable
• Dimensions H115/ W145/ D125mm

  With adjustable lasso
Includes screws and allen key

JAZZ BLUE----PIC---BLACK                            JAZZ BLUE----PIC---WHITE
JAZZ BLUE----NUMBERS---BLACK                                                       JAZZ BLUE----NUMBERS---WHITE
Colour : Black / White
Stereo alarm clock, dual alarm functions
FM radio 20 storage stations
With Bluetooth and 1 USB port to charge smart devices
Snooze and sleep functions, plays music and telephony
Backlit LCD with dimming levels, push button menu
Plays MP3, 3.5mm stereo line-in cable included
Auto cut-over when unplugged/power failure
Runs on AC with battery back-up for clock
Remote controller included
Dimensions H100/W138/D138mm