Hand Dryer

The innovative hand dryers are enclosed in strong aluminium casing.They are designed using the latest technology with an automatic temperature adjustment system. They are cost saving as these hand dryers have low power consumption. Additional features include thermal protection and easy maintainence. These  hand dryers are very effective in removing water from the hands.

We are committed to providing superior products which enhance our clients’ lives , backed by our prompt and comprehensive customer service.The warranty ensures top quality products, maximun reliability and offers dependable support through our network.

HAND DRYER---- AUSTRAL                     Colour   :  Off – White Colour

• Robust; Polycarbonate
• Universal motor
• Automatic operation
• Power 230V 50/60Hz  2100W
• Airflow 250 m3/h
• Sound 62Dba,
• Size H244/ L213/ W204mm


HAND DRYER---- AIRWAVE                 Colour   :   White

•Robust ABS
•Airflow 110 m3/h
•Automatic temperature adjustment system
Size H470/ L250/ W160mm
•Power 230V 50/60Hz 1400W
•Accessible air filter for easy cleaning
•Thermal protection


HAND DRYER---- ZEPHR                    Colour :  White

•Robust; ABS-Polycarbonate
•Low power consumption Universal motor
•Automatic operation
•Power 230 50/60Hz 2100W
•Airflow 190 m3/h with sound level 65 DBA
•Size H280/ L205/ W200mm


HAND DRYER---- TORNADE               Colour : Off  White / Bright Chrome finishing

• Robust; ABS-Polycarbonate     Composite anti-vandalism , anti-flammable
• Automatic operation,  low power consumption induction-rotor motor
• Power 230V 50/60Hz 2600W
• Airflow 300 m3/h, decibel 60 DBA
•Size H302/ L265/ W149mm


HAND DRYER---- RAFALE                               Colour   :   White

•Robust; ABS-Polycarbonate
•Induction-rotor motor
•Automatic operation
• Power 230V 50/60Hz 2600W
•Airflow 300 m3/h with sound level 60 DBA
•Size H280/ L255/ W140mm


HAND DRYER---- MASTER II                           Colour : Off  White / Bright Chrome finishing

• Epoxy strong aluminium casing
• Automatic, low power consumption
• Power 230V 50/60Hz 2600W
• Airflow 300 m3/h, decibel 60 DBA
• Size H290/ L265/ W130mm



Colour : White

Stell’air hand dryer, robust ABS
Power 230V 50/60Hz 1200W, low power consumption
Superpower drying time max 15 secs
Patented circular air blow system
Automatic operation
Size H531/ L340/ W260mm



        Colour : White

• In Strong aluminium casing
• Power 230V 1200W 50/60Hz
• Superpowerful with drying time max 15 seconds
• Patented circular air blower system
Low power consumption
Automatic operation
Size H430/ L343/ W232mm


ALPHA--H.DRYER                                ALPHA--H.DRYER.---GREY
ALPADY---NOS                                                            ALPADY---SILVER---NOS

Colour : White  / Metallic Grey

Strong ABS
Automatic operation
Size H685/ L300/ W220mm
Power 230V 50/60Hz 1650W
Superpower drying time max 15 secs,
Vandalism-proof, thermal safety, air filter
Air speed 350 km/h
Easy to clean water tank